※We take bookings from our Airbnb page only for the time being. Prices might not be the same because of its fees added.

WeekdaysWeekends ・Public Holidays
1st guest10,500JPY10,500JPY
Each Additional4,000JPY4,000JPY
Children(6 and above)4,000JPY4,000JPY
Children (under 6 without beds)0JPY¥0
(Tax included)

2 x Adults + 1 x Child (4 yrs)
11,000 (1st guest) + 4,000 (1 x additional) + 0 (Child under 6 without a bed)
= 15,000JPY

Weekends/ Public Holidays
3 x Adults + 3 x Children (1 x 7 year old + 2 x 4 year old)
11,000 (1st guest) + 12,000 (3 x additional) + 0 (2 x children under 6)
= 23,000JPY

  • Children under 6 (0 – 5 year old) are free of charge as long as they share beds with adults (Beds is not provided for them, only towels). If they are under 6 and need a bed for themselves please count them as an adult when book. The same adult rates are applied to children at 6 and above.
  • *We accept Paypal only for payment.

    *Non-Japanese guests need to provide their ID (either passport or zairyu card) prior to or on their arrival.

    *Cancellation – Only notifications 7 days before arrival are eligible for a full refund. Any shorter notifications will be issued 50% of the original amount.